Pat Prescott Speaks with Herb Alpert About His Annual ‘Award in the Arts

May 24, 2019
When it comes to arts education and supporting emerging artists, Herb Alpert is a man on a mission. Twenty-five years ago, Herb and his wife, Lani Hall, established the Herb Alpert Award in the Arts. The award is presented annually to five risk-taking, mid-career artists.

Over 125 artists have received the unrestricted $75,000 cash prize in the five categories of Dance, Film/Video, Theatre, Visual Arts, and for this 25th-anniversary celebration, a new group of five winners has been chosen to carry the torch for another year.

I spoke to Herb about his latest class of emerging artists and he shared reflections on twenty-five years of making a difference for creative people and for those of us who enjoy what they create.